Announcing iTunes Library Toolkit: an alternative to iTunes Folder Watch that delivers more functions. Use the link at the top of the screen and see the FAQ below for more information.
This program is a companion for iTunes (Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10).
Are you frustrated that iTunes does not automatically detect new multimedia files in certain nominated folders and add them to its library automatically? iTunes Folder Watch to the rescue. iTFW allows you to set up Watch Folders and to quickly evaluate whether there are any new iTunes-compatible files in any of them which do not exist in iTunes already, and allows you to add them selectively or fully automatically. Furthermore, iTFW assists in detecting and removing dead track references from your iTunes library, and even recovering from file renames or movements (retaining your ratings and playcounts).
In fully automatic mode, normally only a few seconds after new songs (or videos) are placed in the watched folders, iTFW shows an indication that it has added the songs to iTunes.
It can be run as a taskbar process and so will continually monitor the watch folders, alternatively it may be run in the foreground on demand. If desired you can take full control over the process:
New files imported into iTunes can be organised automatically into iTunes playlists if required. This makes it very easy to find and browse your new music or videos. The Configuration tab gives full control over all the features:
The free trial version does not restrict the ability to add any number of files to iTunes, but has some of the more advanced features disabled (as shown on the Configuration screen).
To open up the full features and to remove the nag screens, please register the product by purchasing a licence, which can be done via the Help menu once trialled. A full licence costs 7.50 EUROS. Note that an internet connection required for application registration once a licence is purchased.
System Requirements & Pre-Requisites
  • Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • iTunes version 6 onwards.
  • FAQ
    How is it different to iTunes Library Toolkit ? iTunes Library Toolkit contains more functions, it's a complete package for all your library maintenance needs, with a simple user interface fronting a powerful engine. iTunes Folder Watch is dedicated to a single core task, that of detecting and adding new media to your iTunes library, and as such it offers more fine-grained and advanced control of this function (e.g. an unlimited number of watch folders, manual control of the additions, and the ability to manage exceptions). The licencing model is also different - Folder Watch is a single price for as long as you need it, the Toolkit is a lower price but renewed anually.
    Why can't it attach to iTunes ? This is invariably a problem with iTunes itself, not registering its API (application programming interface) properly. Normally the API can be kicked into life by stopping iTunes, then running the command iTunes.exe /regserver from the Start/Run box. If this fails, open a command window (in administrator mode if available), locate your iTunes.exe, and type in "C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /regserver (change the path to match the location of your iTunes.exe) and hit enter.
    Where is my key ? Licence keys are normally issued within 10 minutes of purchase, by our auto-responder. If yours does not arrive, please check your mail server's spam/junk folder, since some servers (notably google mail) often assumes auto-generated mail is unsolicited. If it's not there either, drop a mail to support@klarita.net and we will respond manually during business hours.